Who am I?

April 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

The name (on my birth certificate) is Michael Collins, but my friends call me Mickey, and you can too. I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Oregon and am en route to a major in advertising (with a communication studies minor and a multimedia minor), which is where this blog comes in. This blog will–hopefully–be focused on my observations about the advertising industry and things about it that make me tick. Those things include music (blues, rock and/or roll, alternative rock, and much more), hiking, and animals (ticks, though unrelated to advertising, are one of my ticks, and they don’t make me tick in a good way. However, if I could overcome my fear of ticks, I would drop advertising, become an entomologist, and open a store called “Mick’s Picked Ticks”).

Until then, I will continue blogging with “Picks of Mick’s Ticks” (not the bugs). I can only assume that’s why you’re here, so please enjoy and have a kitten!


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