#6 Itsy bitsy (yet global) Red Spider

April 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today, my advertising class had the pleasure of having Red Spider founder Mr. Charlie Robertson speak. Red Spider is a unique brand consultancy because it consists of just three people, yet it’s also a global agency. Mr. Robertson is also an interesting guy. Apart from the awesome Scottish accent, he had great ideas to share with us about brands.

The most interesting thing that caught my attention today was Mr. Robertson’s definition of brands. The analogy he used was that brands are like nests, a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer.

(Source: factorydirectcraft.com)

For example, when you think of Apple you could think of their products (computers, iPhones, etc.) or even experiences that you’ve had with the brand, whether good or bad (e.g. experiences in an Apple store, with other consumers, with products). All of these perceptions go into your feelings towards that brand and whether you will use it in the future.

Thank you, again, to Mr. Robertson for coming in today.


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