#1 Social Media and InADvertent Advertising

April 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, I heard about Google’s new Project Glass (see below).

I didn’t hear about Project Glass from a press conference, a radio ad, or even a commercial on TV, though. I heard about it from one of my friends on Facebook, a place originally designed for connecting with friends. The way social media is able to connect users to new things, ideas and places through friends is amazing. Granted, if I had first gone to Yahoo! I would have seen a headline about Google’s new project and I would’ve been as intrigued; however, because I saw a friend had mentioned it I was even more curious as to what this was because I know my friend and I have much in common.

The inadvertent use of advertising on social media outlets is a relatively new world for brands and advertising, but it is a powerful one. If I see a flyer in downtown Eugene for a new restaurant, I may just easily pass it by without a second glance. If, instead, I see a post on Facebook about a “great new restaurant” that I have to try sometime, I would take it into greater consideration because my friend’s opinion carries more weight than a flyer does (depending on the friend).

This area of inadvertent advertising may have always existed (via word of mouth), but social media sites open it onto a much larger scale.I have friends all over the country with different tastes, opinions and ideas, and a site on which I can read all of these ideas is a powerful net of information. Through this medium, I learn about new bands I should listen to, movies I should see, and also what things to avoid. But most importantly, this information comes from people whom I trust and know (so if I don’t like the new thing I found, I know who to blame).


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