#16 Sell-ebrities

May 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Why does Nikon hire Ashton Kutcher to star in their commercials? Why not hire a nobody at a fraction of the price? Why put an entire campaign behind a celebrity?

Ashton Kutcher and Nikon (Source)

The basic idea is that people like celebrities and will like things that celebrities say they like. However, Smart Money says that studies done on this actually come out inconclusive. It does say that there have been experiments that have led to the idea of “contagion,” that is that the more an object is handled by a celebrity (or an attractive salesperson) the more likely people are to buy it. The opposite is also true. (Who wants to wear a sweater owned by Hitler?)

So if a company can get a celebrity holding their product, more people are going to want that product because they believe that some of that person has rubbed off onto the product, so they’re kind of buying a part of the celebrity. Golf clubs owned by JFK have no more value than other golf clubs other than that they were owned by JFK.

Celebrity endorsements can also backfire on a company, like when a celebrity goes rogue. Advertisements for any products endorsed by naughty celebrities probably will be pulled because people don’t want to associate with those celebrities.


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