Geico back-o to-o its roots-o

September 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’d like to take a moment to update a post I did a while back about Geico’s ads. I was upset with Geico’s ads featuring a man on the street offering taste tests that supposedly were analogous to taste for insurance companies. This wasn’t the Geico I knew and loved!


I’m not sure if Geico is a fan of this blog and read my post (though, who actually reads my blog?) but their new ads are back to what I think made them great: humor. The new ads are about how happy Geico makes their customers. As happy as a bodybuilder directing traffic (below), Christopher Columbus in a speedboat, or Gallagher at a farmer’s market.

So how happy do these commercials make me? Happier than a blogger with more than 2 readers!

Thanks Geico. Keep up the good work.


#9 Fifteen sips could save you fifteen percent?

April 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

Cavemen, animals (a gecko and that pig), and now taste tests? Geico’s new slew of commercials features a man on the street offering people passing by a taste test of drink X and drink Y. The commercial doesn’t have much production value, just a man with two drinks on a table on the street. Both drinks have similar red look, yet the man says that X is an insurance company that has been around for 75 years and Y is a company that’s only been around for a few years. The passerby takes a sip of both, “X is pretty good,” then “Yikes” after a sip of Y. The reveal: Drink X is Geico, and Y is Other. “You picked Geico!” Then white text overlays “Millions of people are choosing Geico.” Happy ending 🙂

The problem I have with his commercial: what does a taste test have to do with insurance? Granted, many of Geico’s commercials hardly have anything to do with insurance policies, but this one seemed a little too farfetched. I can understand a Coke vs. Pepsi taste test; people are tasting the actual products. But insurance is not something you can taste. Saying that because X tastes better you prefer Geico is downright silly.

But maybe that’s what Geico wants. This commercial just begs to be discussed: “Have you seen the new Geico commercial? Tasting Geico? What is that about?” If that was their intent, it worked because here I am talking about it.

All in all, I do respect Geico’s advertising. They make funny commercials that cause people to talk, and that’s what they want. But this series with the taste testing is not funny, there is no story, it’s just that people prefer X (Geico).

If Geico’s old commercials were Y and these new ones were X, I would have to spit X out and take another cup of Y. Sorry Geico.

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