#8 One Brand, Two Brand, Good Brand, Eww Brand

April 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

This one has a little star:

(Source: sneakerfiles.com)

This one has a little car:

(Source: autoblog.com)

Say! What a lot of brands there are!

Dr. Seussing aside, I’d like to talk about what makes a good brand and what makes a bad brand.

Good brands, such as Apple, Starbucks, or Tillamook, seem like the kind of guys that you’d like to get a drink with. Their brands exude friendliness, trust and hope towards their customers. Just thinking about their brands can bring smiles to faces. These brands do good for people, and they almost have personalities of their own.

Bad brands, on the other hand, such as Walmart, Comcast, or Camel seem like faceless corporations that are only trying to make a buck at the expense of others. They lack the personality feeling that good brands have. Trust between these brands and consumers can be tenuous, or even nonexistent, because of business tactics they use or their relationships with customers.

When people hear about the practices of brands, they form ideas about what kind of brand is. Their opinions of that brand will change their buying habits with that brand. Brands that do good, in people’s minds, get more business because people respect brands that do that. And if a brand were to do something disrespectful, people will stop doing business with them. Or they should. I really don’t know why Walmart is still in business, but I guess some people still have enough respect to do business with them.


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