#2 What Inspires Me (Cake included!)

April 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Simply put I am inspired by music. Music gets my creativity going and I need to add new music to my collection constantly to keep my juices flowing. My music taste ranges from blues to electric, classic rock to folk rock, and pretty much anything in between. Not much of a fan of hip hop and rap to get down and creative, but maybe I just haven’t found the right stuff.

I grew up listening to The Beatles and other sixties bands, though now I found a niche with 90s and current alternative rock. My favorite band has got to be CAKE (pictured), so give them a listen (below) if you want to get inside my head.

(Photo Credit: Robert McKnight)

Here’s some music that helps me get into that creative mood, and  hopefully will help you, too:

CAKE- Mr. Mastodon Farm

Chemical Brothers- Sitar Guitar

C418- Subwoofer Lullaby


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