#11 Lo-go and Lo-gone

April 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Logos are the face of a brand. Many are recognizable by just a fraction of the entire logo. Brands are constantly changing, so are their logos. Here are just a few:
Logo changes throughout years of such brands as IBM, Pepsi and Apple.


Some of these changes are less than dramatic (Ford, IBM), but others, like Pepsi and Canon, have changed greatly since their first incarnation.

Why do brands change their logos? Maybe they need a facelift, a hipper look. Brands are always changing to become more modern and fit in with a changing society. They have to update their look too make sure to not alienate younger consumers who demand hip things. For example, Pepsi has gone from scrawled out lettering, to a hip and simple red, white and blue circle.

Some brands just zoom in on their current logo:

Starbucks logo future(Source)

Whatever the reason, logos are going to keep changing, and we’re going to have to keep guessing as to what that brand is.

If you feel like guessing logos, try this game.


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