#13 Ad-mirable ads

May 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

I recently stumbled across adsoftheworld. It’s a site that, as you might have guessed, has ads from around the world. It’s a great collection of ads in all forms of media from different countries. Here are some of my favorites that I found:

The first is a print ad that came from Salvadoran agency Leiaute.

Salvadoran ad for an air show

What I like most about this ad is that it intrigues from the moment you see it. The way it is laid out in the newspaper is you see one image at a time. You see the first one, okay it’s just a photo of a lighthouse. Second page, huh, looks like the same photo, but now it’s rotated. The first two do not have any text or explanation as to what the photo is. Then, on the third page, the image is completely rotated. By now viewers are scratching their heads, what is this? Then they see the bottom right text and they have their answer. It’s for an airshow. Now the rotated images make sense, as it is the view of a pilot as the jet does a barrel roll. This ad is pretty clever to be able to get their viewers to connect the photos and the idea behind the series of photos.

This next one comes from Leo Burnett from Warsaw, Poland.

This advertising agency, as the video says, was tasked with bringing Heineken’s new brand message “Open Your World” to a music festival. They could have gone with traditional advertising, but what they chose to do was create a place where people can print their own QR code stickers with their own messages. People then put the stickers on themselves as they went about the music festival. This tactic “opened people’s worlds” because it was an icebreaker for other concert-goers to walk up to other stickered people and ask to read their QR code. This method was incredibly interactive between the consumer and the brand, and it spread the brand’s message.

Here’s another “interactive” one, from DDB Mozambique (a little NSFW):

Spreading awareness for breast examinations

The story is that every year Mozambique Fashion Week partners with a breast cancer awareness group. This particular year, they decided to go with an interactive poster, the world’s first “topless” poster to be exact. Women were invited to see if the breasts poking out of the poster were real (they were) by giving them a squeeze. Once they did, they were given a pamphlet about doing self-examinations. Over 400 women were directly influenced in just three hours. Women know that breast cancer is bad, but they don’t want to hear it from a boring doctor (check this breast examination psa out). By allowing women to “interact” with the breasts in the poster, they sort of learn how to check for breast cancer, and the pamphlet helps too. The reason I put this on here isn’t because of the topless woman (though that doesn’t hurt, I need views here people!), but because this was a creative way to get information to women about breast cancer, and I can support that.


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