#3 Art & Copy

April 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

I recently watched the film “Art & Copy” (2009) on Netflix. (You can watch the trailer below.) The film features interviews with numerous advertising creatives and the campaigns and ads they helped to create. Some of the most famous ads are discussed and what the interviewees have to say got me thinking about my own career. I highly recommend this film to any ad professional (whether you’re a pro in the making or a pro already made), or just anyone who wonders where ad ideas come from.

The director, Dan Pray, says:

“[My subjects in ART & COPY] think they are misunderstood by society. They’re all fiercely independent mavericks. But mostly, they too have a personal message—one that transcends the commercial messages they create—that seemingly has to get out. Like my other films, this ad film is about the innate human urge to express oneself creatively.” (Source)



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