Connection pt. 10

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Continued from here.

The phone rang twice before Cole was able to get to it. “Hey Maddie, Rose, quiet down for a second okay?” Cole answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Hello, Mr. Livingston?”


“This is Sgt. Donahue of the metropolitan police force. Your wife is Sandy Livingston, correct?”

“Yes, what’s going on?” Sandy was sometimes a few days late from her business excursions, but he’d never had the police involved.

“I’m sorry to say, Mr. Livingston, but your wife’s body was found. There was nothing that could’ve been done.”

* * *

Before she could hear the knock, Dorothy’s Cocker Spaniel barked at the door. Dorothy answered it.

“Hello, Dorothy.”

“Oh hello, Melissa. I hope you brought more of your delicious chili with you!”

“Unfortunately not this time. I just wanted to come by and see how you were holding up, after the police were here and everything.”

“Yes, we’re doing just fine. It was a silly thing to happen, though. Some people just don’t appreciate hospitality I guess. If that woman had only listened to us and not gone running out the door that night, she wouldn’t have met such a terrible end with those coyotes.”



Sorry for the delay in this post, school and sickness got in the way. I’ll be going back and editing this story a bit and reworking it into something more fluid and readable. Stay tuned.


Connection pt. 9

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Continued from here.

Sandy thought it was nice that old people still made friends and had dinner parties. The last time she and her husband had been to a party was before the kids were born. That must be it, she thought. Now that they were retired and had no kids at home, they really got to enjoy life.

“Being with young people makes us feel young again,” Dorothy said. “The closer we are to them, the more we enjoy life.”

“Quite true,” Harold said. “We bring them into our home, into our lives, and into our bodies.”

Dorothy and Harold exchanged a look, and then looked at Sandy at the same time. Sandy had the feeling that dessert was out of the question.

Connection pt. 8

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Continued from here.

Sandy was hungry, but she still wasn’t quite sure why these people had brought her into their home. She ate her salad as Harold and Dorothy exchanged stories of the day’s events. Dorothy cleaned up the plates and brought out bowls of chili.

Sandy spread a good helping of cheese over her chili. “This is really good ,” she said between bites.

“Well thank you,” Dorothy replied. “It was from that woman we had last week isn’t it?”

Harold looked up.”Yes. Melissa, I think.” He spooned another bite. “Delicious.”

“Oh, so you do get visitors out here?”

“Every so often,” Dorothy said. “Though not as often as we’d like. They always bring such good food with them.”

Connection pt. 7

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Continued from here.

Sandy walked back down the hall to the dining room, where she could smell food cooking. “So sorry about the phone, dear,” Dorothy said from the kitchen.

“That’s all right,” Sandy replied. Who doesn’t have a working phone? she thought as she sat down at the end of the table. “What about your daughter? Don’t you like to stay in contact with her?”

“Oh yes, we have her for dinner every so often.”

“Does she live nearby?” Sandy wished she had thought more before she asked. Dorothy was waiting at the airport for her daughter, if she lived close she wouldn’t have to fly. Luckily, Dorothy didn’t respond. Probably too busy with the cooking.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Oh no, dear, you’re fine. Actually it’s just about ready.”

Sandy looked around at the neatly decorated eating area. Paintings of farm animals graced the walls, a chandelier was above her, and there were orange and red placemats at each of the four chairs.

“Dinner’s ready!” Dorothy called out to her husband. She sat down a salad in the center of the table. “I hope you’re hungry.”

Connection pt. 6

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Continued from here.

Sandy went to the bathroom and freshened up. As she reapplied her makeup, she thought about her children getting ready for bed. She hoped her husband was handling the girls okay. Maddie always put up a fight before getting into her pajamas. Her husband had been finding himself the go-to parent now that Sandy had been taking more frequent business trips. Always when she returned, he had another horror story of some trouble that the three of them barely avoided. He played it off like it was no big deal, but that was just to ease her guilt about leaving them so often.

“Dor– uh, mom!” Sandy called down the hall. “Do you have a phone I could use?”

“Sorry, dear. Our phone isn’t working.”

Sandy tried to calm herself. Her husband would probably be assuming that she was held up somewhere, but he was always so calm in these situations. He probably wasn’t even trying to get into contact with her. How could he if he didn’t know where she was?

Connection pt. 5

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Continued from here.

Inside, Sandy was greeted by Cocker Spaniel at the door, or rather a lump of fur was laying on a rug in the hall. The dog lifted its head in acknowledgment.

“Hello dear,” a voice called to Dorothy from down the hall. Harold appeared. He wore large bifocals and although his hair was graying it didn’t show signs of thinning. “And hello,” he said to Sandy as he held out his hand. His grip was rough and firm. “I’m Harold.” He didn’t seem surprised at her being there.

“Nice to meet you,” Sandy said. “Your wife offered me your place to stay, I hope that’s okay.”

“Oh, of course. My wife is just like that. We have plenty of food and room for you.”

“I can show you where to put your things,” Dorothy said and led her down the hall. They passed a study and a dinning room on the way, and Sandy noticed that a table for three was already set. Dorothy showed her into a bedroom.

“Thanks, Dorothy.” Sandy placed down her bags and hung up her coat.

“Mom, please. And there’s a bathroom the next door over if you need to shower.”

“Thanks, mom.”

The room Sandy was in looked very much like a room that she had had as a girl. Pink dresser, pink sheets, the walls still adorned with boy bands of the past. As Sandy unpacked a few things from her bags, she noticed that there were no photos in the room where she would have hung them. Perhaps the girl had taken them away with her when she left for college.

Sorry for the tardiness in this post. I’ll admit to letting my schoolwork get the better of me. However, when I was ready to post, the power went out and the Internet with it. I didn’t have power Saturday night or most of yesterday. But I do now so I’m going to post!

Connection pt. 4

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Continued from here.

Sandy tried to stay awake as long as she could. The barren landscape did not keep her interest and the friendly chatter Dorothy had stopped once they were heading down the highway. She was probably tired as well. Sandy asked Dorothy how long she had been waiting for her daughter.

“Longer than these old bones can stand,” Dorothy replied. Sandy didn’t press further and slowly drifted off.

Sandy was back home. She had made her flight and was with her husband and little Maddie and Rose. They were all sitting down at dinner. Maddie made a face and Rose followed suit. They asked to be excused and ran off to their rooms. Her husband also left before he ate a second bite. Sandy didn’t notice their absence until she had finished her meal and looked up to ask how everyone had liked it.

Sandy awoke as the car turned off. They had arrived at a one-story farmhouse. Sandy looked around and couldn’t see any other house lights. “Dorothy, you don’t have many neighbors?” she asked Dorothy.

“No, it’s just Harold and me now since Sandra left,” Dorothy said.

Sandy grabbed her things out of the car and followed Dorothy to the door. Dorothy turned. “And please, call me mom.”

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