Connection pt. 5

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Inside, Sandy was greeted by Cocker Spaniel at the door, or rather a lump of fur was laying on a rug in the hall. The dog lifted its head in acknowledgment.

“Hello dear,” a voice called to Dorothy from down the hall. Harold appeared. He wore large bifocals and although his hair was graying it didn’t show signs of thinning. “And hello,” he said to Sandy as he held out his hand. His grip was rough and firm. “I’m Harold.” He didn’t seem surprised at her being there.

“Nice to meet you,” Sandy said. “Your wife offered me your place to stay, I hope that’s okay.”

“Oh, of course. My wife is just like that. We have plenty of food and room for you.”

“I can show you where to put your things,” Dorothy said and led her down the hall. They passed a study and a dinning room on the way, and Sandy noticed that a table for three was already set. Dorothy showed her into a bedroom.

“Thanks, Dorothy.” Sandy placed down her bags and hung up her coat.

“Mom, please. And there’s a bathroom the next door over if you need to shower.”

“Thanks, mom.”

The room Sandy was in looked very much like a room that she had had as a girl. Pink dresser, pink sheets, the walls still adorned with boy bands of the past. As Sandy unpacked a few things from her bags, she noticed that there were no photos in the room where she would have hung them. Perhaps the girl had taken them away with her when she left for college.

Sorry for the tardiness in this post. I’ll admit to letting my schoolwork get the better of me. However, when I was ready to post, the power went out and the Internet with it. I didn’t have power Saturday night or most of yesterday. But I do now so I’m going to post!


Connection pt. 4

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Sandy tried to stay awake as long as she could. The barren landscape did not keep her interest and the friendly chatter Dorothy had stopped once they were heading down the highway. She was probably tired as well. Sandy asked Dorothy how long she had been waiting for her daughter.

“Longer than these old bones can stand,” Dorothy replied. Sandy didn’t press further and slowly drifted off.

Sandy was back home. She had made her flight and was with her husband and little Maddie and Rose. They were all sitting down at dinner. Maddie made a face and Rose followed suit. They asked to be excused and ran off to their rooms. Her husband also left before he ate a second bite. Sandy didn’t notice their absence until she had finished her meal and looked up to ask how everyone had liked it.

Sandy awoke as the car turned off. They had arrived at a one-story farmhouse. Sandy looked around and couldn’t see any other house lights. “Dorothy, you don’t have many neighbors?” she asked Dorothy.

“No, it’s just Harold and me now since Sandra left,” Dorothy said.

Sandy grabbed her things out of the car and followed Dorothy to the door. Dorothy turned. “And please, call me mom.”

Connection pt. 3

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Sandy didn’t know what to say to the offer. She didn’t want to trust a stranger, but she wasn’t about to sleep on an airport floor either. She looked like such a sweet old lady.

“Thank you,” Sandy finally said. She turned to counter and grabbed her purse. The lady at the computer was still grinning idiotically. “I will take you up on your offer.”

“Would you like some help with that?” the old woman asked, reaching for Sandy’s rolling suitcase.

“Oh, no. That’s quite all right. You’re already doing so much by giving me a place to stay. I’m Sandy, by the way,” Sandy said.

“Dorothy,” said Dorothy. What a fitting name, thought Sandy.

It was then Sandy noticed that Dorothy didn’t have any bags.

“I was here to pick up my daughter.” Dorothy intercepted Sandy before she could ask. “But her plane was delayed. I’m sure you can understand that.”

Sandy chuckled. Any ominous feelings she had faded. Sandy followed Dorothy to the parking lot and to an old station wagon.

“It’ll be about an hour to get home,” Dorothy said. “You can rest your eyes if you’d like.”

Connection pt. 2

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Continued from here.

“Tomorrow afternoon?” Sandy asked. “Surely you can’t expect me to stay in some crumby hotel in wherever we are!”

“Actually,” the woman responded calmly. “We don’t make hotel arrangements if the wait is less than 24 hours.”

“The wait? I’ll be waiting around all night! You expect me to sleep in the airport?”

Sandy and the counter lady’s argument had attracted the attention of passerby’s, but Sandy didn’t care.

Sandy was about to say some things that could have gotten her kicked out of her new temporary home when a quiet voice stopped her short.

“Excuse me Miss.”

Sandy turned around and looked down. It was a little old lady wrapped in a sweater.

“I heard you’re looking for a place to stay. Would you like to come home with me?”

Considerations when choosing a roommate for living off campus for the first time

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I was given this prompt the other day: write a 300-word Buzzfeed style article for students moving off campus the first time. It’s also part of an application I’m submitting, so if you have any feedback, let me know.

So, you’re moving off campus. Congratulations. You’ve stopped sucking on the teat that was the dorms and now you’re slipping ever closer to that wonderful place called “real life.” Supposing you’re not a hermit or need extra space for all of your cats, you’ll want to take someone along with you. Here are some options:

Your significant other

Seems like the obvious choice. And you get to use the joke: “Your place or mine?” until she just rolls her eyes every time. And then there will be those days when she doesn’t tell you where she’s going. She’s sleeping next to you, but how do you know she’s not thinking about Jeff and the only reason she’s still living there is because you signed a binding 9-month contract. And you’ll stare up at the ceiling with doubt. That being said, greatest benefit: clothing optional.

Your BFF (emphasis on the F’s)

They’re the one holding your hair back when you’re chin-deep in porcelain, but you don’t know who they really are until the third time you hear: “I’ll clean my dishes tomorrow.” Chore lists have been known to break up friendships faster than the last fudgecicle. And you just can’t bring yourself to yell at them because they have secrets on you the NSA can’t know.

A complete stranger

Check out Craigslist. Find a post that says they’re pet-friendly and like “Downton Abbey.” You meet up, have lunch, and really hit it off. You move in together, only to find a week later that you moved in with an axe murderer. Oops. But as long as he sticks to his side of the apartment and you stick to yours, the police can’t prove you knew anything (the Odd Couple defense).

Cod People – A scene

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Our hero JOHNNY (25) and heroine ELAINE (24) run into a BAIT SHOP. They are out of breath.

Dust covers the counters and products in the store.


Boy, Johnny, it sure is lucky that you work here at the bait shop and have a key. I didn’t think we would ever get away from those weirdos.


It sure is Elaine. I’m not sure what’s going on but all of our friends seem to be going crazy!

Sounds of groaning and beating against the walls outside can be heard.


It’s like that movie with the Pod People, except everyone smells like fish.


You know, you’re right. That must be why I’ve been craving fish tacos so much lately. Strange that none of the places around here would serve them to me.


Do you think it might have something to do with the stories we heard about the river and the… “experiments?”


My God, Elaine.

Johnny pauses and Elaine looks at him.




Cod people?


They look like our friends, but in reality they’ve been replaced by fish!


But, if they’re Cod People–

Elaine looks around the shop.


–this is the place they’d come to! We’re surrounded by lures and worms!

Johnny walks off and hops behind the counter. He reappears holding a fishing net and rod.


But, we have all of the tools to fight them off.

Johnny and Elaine arm themselves in preparation to fight their fishy friends. Nets, hats, lures, worms, and rods go flying about. They make eye contact after suiting up.


You know Elaine, those wading boots really do you good.

Elaine throws down her pole and throws herself into Johnny’s arms. They lean in for a kiss, but the growing noise outside stops them short.


Sorry, Elaine. Tenderness will have to wait. We’ve got bigger fish to fry.


But those are our friends out there, Johnny. I don’t think I can hurt them.

Johnny smiles slyly.


Don’t worry, Elaine. I always catch and release.



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Sandy flew down the corridor. Not literally of course, because that was she was running to do.

Gate C6, C7, C8. Why did they make airports so long? She hurriedly looked at her watch.

C17. Finally. Only the woman at the desk was there. Don’t just stand there and smile, Sandy thought.

She whipped out her ticket at the woman and continued to walk towards the entrance.

“Excuse me, Ma’am.” Ma’am? Where the hell had she landed anyways? “I’m sorry but that plane is no longer boarding.”

“You don’t understand,” Sandy said. “I need to be on that plane.”

“Well, you needed to be here 10 minutes ago.” Her tone was anything but helpful.

“Look, my last flight was delayed and there was this large woman blocking up the aisle as I was trying to get off, and this airport is too long to be able to run in these heels.”

“I’m very sorry, Ma’am.” Sandy grimaced. “I can get you on the next plane out.” Her attention to her computer screen. “Oooh, it looks like the next flight won’t be until tomorrow afternoon.”