Connection pt. 10

February 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

Continued from here.

The phone rang twice before Cole was able to get to it. “Hey Maddie, Rose, quiet down for a second okay?” Cole answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Hello, Mr. Livingston?”


“This is Sgt. Donahue of the metropolitan police force. Your wife is Sandy Livingston, correct?”

“Yes, what’s going on?” Sandy was sometimes a few days late from her business excursions, but he’d never had the police involved.

“I’m sorry to say, Mr. Livingston, but your wife’s body was found. There was nothing that could’ve been done.”

* * *

Before she could hear the knock, Dorothy’s Cocker Spaniel barked at the door. Dorothy answered it.

“Hello, Dorothy.”

“Oh hello, Melissa. I hope you brought more of your delicious chili with you!”

“Unfortunately not this time. I just wanted to come by and see how you were holding up, after the police were here and everything.”

“Yes, we’re doing just fine. It was a silly thing to happen, though. Some people just don’t appreciate hospitality I guess. If that woman had only listened to us and not gone running out the door that night, she wouldn’t have met such a terrible end with those coyotes.”



Sorry for the delay in this post, school and sickness got in the way. I’ll be going back and editing this story a bit and reworking it into something more fluid and readable. Stay tuned.


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