Connection pt. 7

February 13, 2014 § 1 Comment

Continued from here.

Sandy walked back down the hall to the dining room, where she could smell food cooking. “So sorry about the phone, dear,” Dorothy said from the kitchen.

“That’s all right,” Sandy replied. Who doesn’t have a working phone? she thought as she sat down at the end of the table. “What about your daughter? Don’t you like to stay in contact with her?”

“Oh yes, we have her for dinner every so often.”

“Does she live nearby?” Sandy wished she had thought more before she asked. Dorothy was waiting at the airport for her daughter, if she lived close she wouldn’t have to fly. Luckily, Dorothy didn’t respond. Probably too busy with the cooking.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Oh no, dear, you’re fine. Actually it’s just about ready.”

Sandy looked around at the neatly decorated eating area. Paintings of farm animals graced the walls, a chandelier was above her, and there were orange and red placemats at each of the four chairs.

“Dinner’s ready!” Dorothy called out to her husband. She sat down a salad in the center of the table. “I hope you’re hungry.”


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