Connection pt. 5

February 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

Continued from here.

Inside, Sandy was greeted by Cocker Spaniel at the door, or rather a lump of fur was laying on a rug in the hall. The dog lifted its head in acknowledgment.

“Hello dear,” a voice called to Dorothy from down the hall. Harold appeared. He wore large bifocals and although his hair was graying it didn’t show signs of thinning. “And hello,” he said to Sandy as he held out his hand. His grip was rough and firm. “I’m Harold.” He didn’t seem surprised at her being there.

“Nice to meet you,” Sandy said. “Your wife offered me your place to stay, I hope that’s okay.”

“Oh, of course. My wife is just like that. We have plenty of food and room for you.”

“I can show you where to put your things,” Dorothy said and led her down the hall. They passed a study and a dinning room on the way, and Sandy noticed that a table for three was already set. Dorothy showed her into a bedroom.

“Thanks, Dorothy.” Sandy placed down her bags and hung up her coat.

“Mom, please. And there’s a bathroom the next door over if you need to shower.”

“Thanks, mom.”

The room Sandy was in looked very much like a room that she had had as a girl. Pink dresser, pink sheets, the walls still adorned with boy bands of the past. As Sandy unpacked a few things from her bags, she noticed that there were no photos in the room where she would have hung them. Perhaps the girl had taken them away with her when she left for college.

Sorry for the tardiness in this post. I’ll admit to letting my schoolwork get the better of me. However, when I was ready to post, the power went out and the Internet with it. I didn’t have power Saturday night or most of yesterday. But I do now so I’m going to post!


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