Connection pt. 4

February 6, 2014 § 1 Comment

Continued from here.

Sandy tried to stay awake as long as she could. The barren landscape did not keep her interest and the friendly chatter Dorothy had stopped once they were heading down the highway. She was probably tired as well. Sandy asked Dorothy how long she had been waiting for her daughter.

“Longer than these old bones can stand,” Dorothy replied. Sandy didn’t press further and slowly drifted off.

Sandy was back home. She had made her flight and was with her husband and little Maddie and Rose. They were all sitting down at dinner. Maddie made a face and Rose followed suit. They asked to be excused and ran off to their rooms. Her husband also left before he ate a second bite. Sandy didn’t notice their absence until she had finished her meal and looked up to ask how everyone had liked it.

Sandy awoke as the car turned off. They had arrived at a one-story farmhouse. Sandy looked around and couldn’t see any other house lights. “Dorothy, you don’t have many neighbors?” she asked Dorothy.

“No, it’s just Harold and me now since Sandra left,” Dorothy said.

Sandy grabbed her things out of the car and followed Dorothy to the door. Dorothy turned. “And please, call me mom.”


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