Considerations when choosing a roommate for living off campus for the first time

February 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

I was given this prompt the other day: write a 300-word Buzzfeed style article for students moving off campus the first time. It’s also part of an application I’m submitting, so if you have any feedback, let me know.

So, you’re moving off campus. Congratulations. You’ve stopped sucking on the teat that was the dorms and now you’re slipping ever closer to that wonderful place called “real life.” Supposing you’re not a hermit or need extra space for all of your cats, you’ll want to take someone along with you. Here are some options:

Your significant other

Seems like the obvious choice. And you get to use the joke: “Your place or mine?” until she just rolls her eyes every time. And then there will be those days when she doesn’t tell you where she’s going. She’s sleeping next to you, but how do you know she’s not thinking about Jeff and the only reason she’s still living there is because you signed a binding 9-month contract. And you’ll stare up at the ceiling with doubt. That being said, greatest benefit: clothing optional.

Your BFF (emphasis on the F’s)

They’re the one holding your hair back when you’re chin-deep in porcelain, but you don’t know who they really are until the third time you hear: “I’ll clean my dishes tomorrow.” Chore lists have been known to break up friendships faster than the last fudgecicle. And you just can’t bring yourself to yell at them because they have secrets on you the NSA can’t know.

A complete stranger

Check out Craigslist. Find a post that says they’re pet-friendly and like “Downton Abbey.” You meet up, have lunch, and really hit it off. You move in together, only to find a week later that you moved in with an axe murderer. Oops. But as long as he sticks to his side of the apartment and you stick to yours, the police can’t prove you knew anything (the Odd Couple defense).


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