January 30, 2014 § 1 Comment

Sandy flew down the corridor. Not literally of course, because that was she was running to do.

Gate C6, C7, C8. Why did they make airports so long? She hurriedly looked at her watch.

C17. Finally. Only the woman at the desk was there. Don’t just stand there and smile, Sandy thought.

She whipped out her ticket at the woman and continued to walk towards the entrance.

“Excuse me, Ma’am.” Ma’am? Where the hell had she landed anyways? “I’m sorry but that plane is no longer boarding.”

“You don’t understand,” Sandy said. “I need to be on that plane.”

“Well, you needed to be here 10 minutes ago.” Her tone was anything but helpful.

“Look, my last flight was delayed and there was this large woman blocking up the aisle as I was trying to get off, and this airport is too long to be able to run in these heels.”

“I’m very sorry, Ma’am.” Sandy grimaced. “I can get you on the next plane out.” Her attention to her computer screen. “Oooh, it looks like the next flight won’t be until tomorrow afternoon.”



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