Pizza Man pt. 2

January 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

Continued from yesterday.

As Brock dug around in his wallet Davey looked around the apartment. Art hung on the walls and quiet music played. This wasn’t the Brock that Davey remembered. Brock pulled out several bills. “Hey.”

Davey looked back from the apartment, to the money and then made eye contact with Brock. Mistake.

“Aren’t you a bit old to be a pizza boy? Do they have managers making runs now?” Brock laughed heartily.

Davey exhaled a small laugh. “Times are tough,” he managed to say. There was no way that he would admit to being a pizza man to Brock Westerson. Brock stretched out a 20 but halted at the sound of a second voice.

“Hey babe,” it called from behind Brock’s muscley frame. “What’s taking so long with the pizza?”

Davey turned around. Charlene was with Brock now? Hadn’t taken her very long to jump to another man. Just like high school.

“Hey,” Brock said. “Your money.”

“Oh, yeah, thanks.” Davey grabbed the bill from Brock before making a quick retreat back to his dad’s Saab. He threw the pizza bag in the seat next to him as a inhaled deeply. He started the car and put his Van Halen tape in before making his way back to the pizza place.


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