5 minutes a day: #4 & 5

January 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

It was a clear summer day, the perfect day for a picnic. This was the exact thought the Englers had when they decided to have a family picnic. The birds chirped as Mr. Engler carried the cooler up the hill and there was a gentle humming as Mrs. Engler laid out the blanket. Little Boy and Little Girl Engler happily ran after each other and the humming grew louder. Mr. Engler set down the cooler and began to unpack it with Mrs. Engler. They exchanged smiles as they began to open containers of potato salad, turkey slices, mayonnaise, fruits, and cheeses.

It was truly to be a great feast.

The Englers called their offspring over to the blanket as they prepared to dig in. The children looked up at their parents with worry. Perhaps it is just a nearby power generator, Mrs. Engler said to Mr. Engler. There didn’t seem to be any power lines around, yet the humming continued. Maybe we should pack up, Mr. Engler said, but the children were already shoveling potato bits into their mouths.

Meanwhile, a swarm of Africanized bees flew through a nearby forest. They buzzed angrily, looking for a target to take their hate out on. They darted between trees. Flying faster. Rage growing.

Finally they came to an opening on a hill. A blanket laid out. Delicious treats there for the taking. They ravenously descended upon the food, and were soothed.

The Englers were no longer there to shoo them away as they had been abducted into a U.F.O only moments before.


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