Ghana Journal #16: Homebound

October 19, 2013 § Leave a comment


London flight was boring. Slept off and on after listening to Hugh Laurie’s second blues album. Pretty sweet, but the lady next to me had her arm/elbow on my arm rest which had the control panel so she kept turning my volume up/off, pausing my music, and turning the overhead light on. You’d think she’d realize sometime in the seven-hour flight, but no. She was old and Ghanaian, if that’s any excuse. Now I’m in Heathrow for three hours. I’m tired and low on wifi because you only get 45 free minutes! Damn Brits! This is why we rebelled in the first place.

London to Texas I watched Taxi Driver, Annie Hall, Amazing Burt Wonderstone, and the Late Quartet. Also, my phone fell out of my pocket sometime in the middle of the flight and I had to ask the seat behind me to pick it up before we landed. Nerve-racking!

Texas to Portland. I got through customs and rechecked my bags easily. I was at my gat for like two hours. On the plane ride I read Big Sur. Excited to be heading home, but really tired. Also, I’m getting pangs of Ghana (seeing vans as tro-tro’s, hearing Ghanaian voices, missing things, and differences). I heard that reentry can be hard, but seems to be okay so far. Maybe it’s just sleeplessness. I hope.


The End.


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