Ghana Journal #15: The final days

October 18, 2013 § Leave a comment


Slept in a little, got some stuff together to trade, went to brunch at Metlting Moments and got macaroni cheese again. We had a late start (like 2:00 pm) from brunch. We got a tro-tro to Tema market, but got stuck in traffic in Osu. We got out of the tro-tro because we thought walking would be faster, but then traffic cleared up. Ugh. We decided to just walk to the market. Took awhile and everyone was tired. The Tema market sucked so we went to the one we’d been to before across the road. I got some crazy patterned pants with some of my trade and leftover cash. And once everyone was done we taxied home. I was stuck in the back with Conor, Maddie and Julianne while Caron got to sit in front and laugh at us. It was very uncomfortable. Oh! And we finally found dark chocolate, on the way to Melting Moments, being sold on the street. Needless to say we bought ever single one we could. Delicious.

We came hole to the seamstress, but she was quick so we could go to our last dinner at this French restaurant. I was part of the first wave of the group to get there. We sat down, got water right away and some peanuts to snack on. The waitress started to take orders, but we didn’t have menus. She seemed confused that we wanted them but got them for us. We looked at the menu. Holy poop. We had to excuse ourselves and tell the next wave of our group that this place was way to expensive. It was like 50 Cedi a plate. There seemed to be some commotion about us leaving, because we had made a reservation and all that, but we got out safely. We decided to go to the cheaper and friendlier Chinese restaurant, where we discovered that they raised their drink prices! (It was 8 Cedi for a Club, when it should usually be like 4 at the max.) Anyways, we stayed, and ordered lots of things to share. But the tofu I got isn’t sitting right with me.


We did have a house party [last night], which was pretty lackluster. A lot of the group stayed up all night on the roof, and now they’re crashing. I got up at like 8:30 this morning and the tofu is striking back with vengeance. Horrible. Had Tums and granola bar for breakfast. Now I’m waiting for Juwan and Michelle so we can go to Shiashe market to trade and buy stuff.


We were at the market for like 3 hours. Boy, do those two like to barter. I only got a shirt, but I should’ve got more.

I’m stuck with 50 Cedi because I didn’t buy anything. I’m sitting here at my gate two hours early watching what I assume, and found out, is the last half of that Tom Cruise movie Oblivion. It’s pretty boring though because the sound isn’t loud enough and I’m a bad lip reader. I don’t know what to do for two hours. Buh.

Excited to get home, though. Saying goodbye to everyone was sad (Jeff was a little teary on the taxi ride over, I’m sure Steph and Kinsey in Doc’s car were too). I actually wasn’t able to say goodbye to those three because after I checked into my flight, I couldn’t find them again. (We were on different airlines.) I’m sure they’re okay though.

I can’t wait for my 30 hours of planes and waiting. Woo.

After Oblivion, this show called “Efie and Friends” came on. I thought it was going to be light-hearted based on the intro, but it turned out to be about a high school girl getting raped and murdered! Didn’t get to see the end because I had to board, but any UO J-school student with a handycam could’ve replicated this show and made it better.  Just being media literate here.


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