Ghana Journal #14: Goodbyes

October 17, 2013 § Leave a comment


Sent my toothpaste ideas to Ramesh, and he just came in to tell me “Squeeze” was a “brilliant idea.” This was after he had asked if I came up with it. (A silly question, I thought. Why would I send him something I didn’t create?) He said he wasn’t sure if the client would take it, but that it was a big idea. That made my day. [As of 10/16, I do not believe that my idea was taken by the client, but I haven’t seen the toothpaste ad on Apex’s facebook, so there’s still a chance.]

On my way back from work, I saw a guy in a Portland Trailblazers jersey. Small world, and all that. I made it home in one piece. Ate dinner and then left for reggae night! We all got a small bottle of Ghanaian whiskey just for buying our tickets (10 Cedis each). The show didn’t start until 9:30, maybe 10? Anyway, late. I left with a few others around 11:30 I think because Shatta Wale still hadn’t performed, and it was late.


Happy birthday Conner [my brother]. Saw a guy with a monkey on a leash on my way to work. My last day of work, nonetheless. Didn’t have anything to do so I wrote my Internship Report [for the program] and my media log. Now all I need to do is my big research paper.

Ramesh just came in. “So, last day.” “Yeah,” I said. He shook my hand. “Best of luck. You’re going into advertising when you get back, right? Good.” He made some joke about me becoming President or something. And that was it. Said he’d be in a meeting later, so that was his goodbye. [I then wrote “3:30,” but nothing else after that for this entry. Not sure what that’s about.]

[If I were to continue this entry, I would say that at 5 I sort of snuck out of the office. Might’ve said goodbye to a few people on my way out, but I don’t know if all of them knew it was my last day. There weren’t any tears on either side of the farewells, but I did have a good experience.]

Note: After I’m done posting all of my journal entries, and we are nearing the end, I’ll be posting my scripts for Apex somewhere online and share them on this blog.

Also, check out this video that one of the UO professors did while we were in Ghana about the internships. If you look closely, you can just barely see me in a couple of the shots.


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