Ghana Journal #13: Awards night!

October 16, 2013 § 2 Comments


Made a Google Form for everyone to vote for the Ghana Awards, and it’s been a great hit! Everyone loves my descriptions and they are laughing out loud at their work (I can hear them from here!).

Nothing else really exciting. Got home and had leftover pizza, talked about the Awards, then had a “mini-reggae night” with Bob Marley and Settlers of Catan. About it.


It’s 12:52 right now and the Internet has been down for 20 minutes or so. I have a Google Doc opened so it appears like I am doing work, but I don’t know what to do without the Internet. Maybe I’ll handwrite a blog post. Maybe I’ll write about the death race my tro-tro had yesterday with a taxi that cut us off and swerved to almost hit us! Our driver seemed pretty immature though.

Anywho, almost everyone has voted in the awards, so that’s good. Windows diagnostics was able to figure out the Internet problem (guess there’s a first for anything).

Met up with Michelle and Dani after work to go to Paloma Station to meet others for dinner at place called Eddy’s Pizza. I got chicken alfredo, thinking I could pick out chicken, but it was blended into the sauce pretty well. I did my best. On way back we found an American House tro-tro and on the way back it ran out of gas. So we waited in our Obruni-filled van and the driver and mate went off to get more gas. While we were sitting there, a gang of adolescents were hustling us for money and food. They claimed to be orphans, etc., but we didn’t know if we could believe that. One kid, pointing to me and talking to Carson, said, “He looks like that guy from the movie.” “Jesus?” Carson asks. “Yeah, he looks like Jesus!” The kids had a laugh about that, but the kid was actually talking about Merlin, apparently.

Got home and we started the Awards ceremony because all of the votes were finally in, but the seamstress interrupted us. We eventually made it through amid laughs and memories. I would post the results here, but most of the things were inside jokes. I did win Most Trusted, Mr. Congeniality, and the Jesus Award (which I beat Jesus for).


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