Ghana Journal #12: Swimming with worms

October 15, 2013 § Leave a comment


Group, in infinite drunken wisdom, thought it was a good idea to skinny dip in the river next to our hotel. Texan University people we met at our hotel thought we were crazy.

Beginning of day we drove over here from other hotel.

Breakfast at other hotel was meh. Had toast and omelette thing. Sat in the back of the bus because Julia didn’t like the bump on the head she got last night. I don’t blame her. The back of the bus sure is bumpy. Had lunch, but it started to rain so we decided to do our boat tour tomorrow. Went into town to get booze, I guess, after some jumped into the river and swam for a bit. Dinner was okay, but Sena and Sam [our Volta region guide and driver, respectively] went elsewhere because they were “tired of Ghanaian food.” WAT?

Anywho, partied after dinner, met some people from University of Texas, danced, swam, got naked, danced, then I didn’t feel good so I’m just in our room now. Probably pass out soon. So tired. Night.


Had pretty good breakfast, then went on boat ride in the Volta river.

After we got back, some went swimming in river and a German guy came up to the group of us who weren’t swimming and said we should “get our friend to hospital.” We were a little wary and confused at first, but he said that there’s a worm that infects people living on the river and it could’ve infected us. Might need to get checked out in a month (when it matures) or just take some OTC dog de-wormer. Oh well.

Drive back was easy enough. Saw some baboons on the road, there was a baboon sanctuary nearby, but it was pretty expensive to go (15 Cedi per person!). So we just stayed on the bus and enjoyed the view from there. We got our photos so ha!

Came back home and went to a place called Starbites for lunch, but my pizza took forever to get (it was just a cheese pizza!). Then we relaxed at home and did nominations for our Ghana Awards!


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