Ghana Journal #11: Waterfalls and monkeys

October 14, 2013 § Leave a comment


Ended up not going to police station, I guess it got pushed to next week. On way to work today I was approached by a Liberian (he said) with a sob story about how his need to get to a camp. I felt bad but only had my tro-tro money on me. I gave him a Cedi coin anyways. He asked if he could see me again tonight (after work, for more money I assume) or tomorrow. I told him I didn’t have any more money today and that tomorrow I would be leaving. We parted ways shortly after, and I was in front of my work anyways.

Not too much else. I tried the red-red at the Living Room (a misnomer to be sure) restaurant/bar near out house, but I was disappointed.


Busy day. Left a little late on bus [to Volta Region]. Ride was boring without my iPod to distract me. I was in and out of sleep. People were passing around wine bottle. I passed it along, but I did not inhale, I mean drink.

We hiked to a waterfall after lunch. The hike was really cool. It was beautiful. The waterfall was super tall and really windy. Apparently, I was the first one to touch the wall behind the fall (with Jeff right behind me). The only reason I mustered the courage to do it was because I thought everyone else had. We had to back into the waterfall because of the gusts of wind and the spray and the current. Behind the falls there were about two feet and it wasn’t very peaceful. There were still buckets of water pouring down. I couldn’t stay long behind it. We tried taking some group pictures in front of the falls, but there were these two Ghanaians were kept inserting themselves into them.

After that we went to a monkey sanctuary. The monkeys were cool, but we were promised monkeys climbing on us, and that didn’t happen except to a few people, least of all me!

Bonus! A monkey movie!

We made it to our hotel after getting lost a bit, and having to drive up this steep hill where the bus almost broke down. Dinner was good though, and we got single rooms, but no wifi. Don’t know what to do now. Everyone else seems to want to party. I just want to shower and sleep. Watching a concert on my room’s TV. It’s African jazz with 80’s-style transitions and weird scene insertions [Reading this later, I don’t remember what I meant by that]. Good music though. Channel Gh1? GTV? They especially like transitioning where the next scene is created with circles. Weird. Next up, “Amor Bravo.” It’s a poorly dubbed tele novella. Like an English-dubbed samurai movie. The voices are just like that.


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