Ghana Journal #11: Reggae night

October 13, 2013 § Leave a comment


Juwan always leaves his phone in the room and the alarm goes off multiple times. This morning it went off at 6:15, I turned it off at like 6:20, then 6:25 it goes off, I turn it off, then again at 6:35. I looked at his alarm was set for 6:45. Grr. Turned entire alarm off. Hope he notices before tomorrow.

Also my coworkers share torrented movies at work. It’s weird. I guess torrenting is legal here. Strange to see in the workplace though. Coworkers often wathc movies. At least the one whose computer I can see does.

Going to Melting Moments after work for dinner. Hope 20 Cedi will be enough. Wait, just found another two 5’s in my tro-tro fund pocket.

Dinner was good. Got this awesome Macaroni Cheese (no &). Then home on a wild tro-tro ride past the airport (thought that we were going to get dropped off there, never gone that route before).

Seamstress came (late) and Doc came by to update us. Supposed to get copies of police reports tomorrow. Then we went to reggae night. Tons of fun. Music was good, people were nice. Met Reggie, a Rasta man, and some Brits. Cool people I guess, though a wee bit hard to understand. One of them started hitting on Michelle, then Julianne, then Dana, I think, but they all handled it well. Then a creepy Ghanaian guy was all up in Daryl and then Michelle’s grill. Jeff helped Daryl and I helped Michelle out (fake boyfriend thing). Then Michelle, Leslie, Maddie and I left because it was getting weird. Maddie was insistent on 9 Cedi and fought for it, too (as opposed to 10 Cedi taxi driver said). I just wanted to get home. I was nervous. Also, it was a nice beach, but very littered.

P.S. Jeff’s coworker Nana made it, and we hung out with her for a bit.

P.P.S. Carson and Maddie made it on stage to dance, then a bunch of Obrunis wanted to get on stage, too.


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