Ghana Journal #10: Lost and without religion

October 12, 2013 § Leave a comment


At work with no comp. Work laptop is here buy have yet to ask for password. Almost willing to bet it’s just “Apex Advertising.” (It was! With only first a capitalized.) Writing in notebook now cause not sure what else to do. Ramesh [boss] asked how I was doing. I said fine and he left it at that. He seems very busy.

Also, woke up this morning and stomach feels like I did 50 sit-ups in my sleep. Weird.

Oh my goodness. The toolbars. It’s so painful. And a new tab opens up AVG search engine? WHAAAT???

Only one lady at my work asked how I was, she said she had heard about the robbery. Not even Rita or Anita [my closest coworkers] asked. I guess Ramesh isn’t really a gossip.

Went to Chez Afrique for Mama Leslie’s last night. Had a huge buffet.


Just got asked if I was religious by the other intern (Ghanaian) Vivian. Awkward conversation ensued and ended with “So you’re neither Christian nor Muslim?” “No.” “Okay, we’ll talk later.” And this all started when she said I looked like Jesus Christ with my beard. “What happened to your beard?” “Oh, I just stopped shaving.” “You look like Jesus Christ.” “Thanks haha.” “Are you religious?” Uhhhhh…. I was under the impression that my coworkers didn’t care, since they hadn’t asked yet, while my most of my group’s coworkers had asked them.

(Oh, and my group found out that my nickname is Mickey, because of Facebook. They were offended that I didn’t tell them sooner.)

Also, got on the wrong tro-tro at 37 station coming home. The mate said Madina (usually it’s Madina/American House, which is our stop). Stayed on for awhile because I didn’t know where I was, but eventually got frustrated and got off. Luckily, I went to other side of the road and almost immediately there was one going towards East Legon (where our house was). I was able to get off at Traffic Light stop and walk the rest of the way (maybe half a mile). I even got back in time to meet the rest of the group leaving for dinner, but they were taking too long to get ready so I decided to stay home. A bad move apparently, because I learned that the restaurant had grilled cheese! I must go! Also, I got an email from Mama Leslie saying that my blog post about the robbery rocked! So that was nice 🙂


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