Ghana Journal #9: To school, to market, to the club

October 11, 2013 § Leave a comment


Had to wake up at 6:30 today to go to the American Embassy and Nima elementary school. Embassy was pretty boring, but Nima was cool. Kids were awesome. We toured each classroom (where they sang to us, and we sang an impromptu “With a Little Help From My Friends” to a 5/6 grade class) the entire school put on a music and dance show for us, and then we got to dance with them. Lots of fun. The kids loved grabbing onto my arms (because they were amazed at the hairiness of it, I guess). So disappointed I forgot my camera.

Then we had a big lunch at our favorite Turkish restaurant, but Mama Leslie had to raise Hell about their prices changing (within a few days of her calling).

And now our power is out, of course. Called Hannah because hadn’t checked in for 24 hours since the Internet was down yesterday. She was relieved to hear from me and would pass on a message to my parents.

First we found whiskey packets, and now gin packets! Where does it end? Nowhere, says Carson. Also, I cut my finger trying to open a packet. Poo. Got my African style shirt today. I like it. Still need to find souvenirs for everyone else.


Nearing in on one month here, aka two weeks left. That’s eight more work days and one sweet weekend in the Volta Region with monkeys and waterfalls.

Anyways, today started off with breakfast at this sweet place by Jeff’s work called Melting Moments. I got chocolate-dipped French toast and fresh OJ. So good. Then, after checking out Jeff’s work with Dana, Daryl, and Conor (with Jeff) the D’s and I tro-tro’d it to Accra market to meet everyone else who went on ahead in taxis. Once we got there, they were all just about to leave. But we stayed, along with Julianne and Kelly to check out the market. I overpaid for a shirt and some wooden masks. Still not very good at bargaining. Got a ginger drink call Sobolo, very strong and burns a little. Made it back to house and then relaxed before getting ready to go out. Conor got broken up with by his girlfriend so were were going to cheer him up. Place we went to wasn’t very alive when we got there, but I guess we got the party started, Apparently people in our group were being overcharged for drinks, I don’t know because I didn’t get one. Can’t trust a place without a menu. We danced and seemed to have fun. Not really my scene. Not just this place, but like clubs in general. I left earlier than everyone else, with Steph, Kinsey and Michelle. Heard there were some confrontations involving bouncers later, but didn’t get the full story.


Don’t think there’ll be a scavenger hunt today. Oh well. Didn’t really have high hopes for it anyways.


No scavenger hunt after all. I just hung out and read all day. Went to a new Thai place. Cheaper and possibly better? No Thai iced tea though. Instead, they had this blue “froot loop” tea (our name for it). I had Pad See Ew. Really good.

Mama Leslie, who has to go back to America soon, came over to give Sister Leslie the rest of the trip’s money and to show us her One Laptop Per Child documentary.


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