Ghana Journal #7: A fun time, I th’ink

October 9, 2013 § Leave a comment


First stop was Kente village. Got some sweet threads but not a bow tie. Should’ve got one.

Here’s a video of Kelly learning how to make kente cloth.

Then Adinkra place, but Leslie (Mama) was not pleased, bathroom was locked and ink wasn’t good at first. I picked the War Horn symbol for my stamp, because I thought it was ironic, and that’s pretty cool or something.

Then we went to the big marketplace after lunch. Super crowded (it was market day, aka fresh produce) and claustrophobic.

Luckily for me I went with Mama Leslie and the other girls to look at fabric. Not only was I lucky because I was with all the ladies (just kidding Hannah) but Doc and the others toured a lot of the rest of the market (10,000+ stalls in all, we were told) and that included the meat section. Did not sound appetizing. Also, I got some cool fabric for a shirt.

Then we went back to cultural center because the booths were set up now (we went there the day before when going to museum), but I didn’t buy anything. Then we came back to our hotel to relax before we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner (and we played Mafia while waiting for food, fun ensued). Then hotel again where there was a party in our room. We discussed categories for our “Best of” Awards we would have at the end of the trip. Some people weren’t present, but they’ll get a say, too. Also, discussed future scavenger hunt in the works.

P.S. [yeah I P.S.’d my own journal] People kept looking at my ankles today because it looked like I shaved [I don’t], and now two people have touched my arms, in wonder at my body hair I guess. My group has asked about my ankles, too. Guess I’m a freak of nature.


Went to the largest (?) natural lake in Ghana today, lake Bosumti. It was created by a meteor and sort of looked like Crater Lake. We went on a boat ride there, just puttered around. And then we drove home. We cleaned the house then got groceries and dinner. Now just relaxing.


Not a whole lot to say. Work was uninteresting. Got home and the seamstress fitted everyone for clothing they wanted. I ordered a shirt with the fabric I got from Kumasi market. Twenty Cedi [roughly $10], not including what I paid for the material (which was 10).


Just got back from Thai restaurant by way of a ride from the owner. Cool guy and pretty great food. Also today, got more work at work for a toothpaste commercial, with barely any information about the brand. No one was really there today because they were shooting a commercial somewhere for Vodaphone today and tomorrow. No idea what’s happening with Double Treat or Cherie Noodles [other things I was working on].

Also, at 37 Station, the tro-tro I was waiting for got a towel stuck in its engine by the mate. Fun stuff.

Jewelry guy came, the design I had for Hannah’s ring couldn’t be done, so I had a different one ordered that was the same as one Jeff had made for his girlfriend (be here tomorrow, hopefully). The earrings I got for my mom weren’t buffed but should be here tomorrow as well. He has some great stuff though.


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