Ghana Journal #6: On Slurpees and being eaten in the bush

October 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

7/8 & 7/9

Nothing too exciting to report. Work is boring. I relax when I get home. ‘Bout it. Actually, on a cultural note, saw a bearded lady today. Like a goatee. More than [my brother] Conner’s. Just gonna put that out there.

Also, tro-tro didn’t give me change this morning, and one coming home overcharged the whole car, to much uproar from the passengers.


Got more work to do at work. Not sure if my boss wants my old work, or when rather. Did little to nothing today before 3, when I got new work stuff from Bhavi, my Indian coworker. Hard to understand her. Rita I can understand on first attempt, but not always. Went to a Mexican restaurant in Osu near my work, with everyone. Pretty good, but a little expensive. Also, coworkers worried that I don’t really eat lunch (and that I’m vegetarian). “In the bush, the animals don’t care” – Rita.


Slurpee day! So far away. Didn’t do lunch. Got to hear about Reggae night when I got back from work. Sounded fun. Will do next Wednesday.


Traveled for five hours in bus to Kumasi. Listened to music the whole time. Then went to two museums. Interesting, but sort of meh. They were both about the history of the Ashanti numerous times over. Watched the South Park movie with Kelly and Jeff in our hotel room, because Jeff had never seen it before. Good stuff.


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