Ghana Journal #5: They give musicians awards for fishing?

October 7, 2013 § Leave a comment


Happy birthday Juwan! Happy birthday America! And Daryl arrived today! Juwan just turned lights out on me…


Tired. Everyone else went to club except (Sister) Leslie and I. Came home and was locked out of my room. Will think later… [Ended up taking a nap on the couch in the living room until everyone returned.]

Later now.

Work’s been slow and boring. Coworkers are not very talkative, but I don’t really start conversations with them either, I guess. Working on lollipops now. It’s more interesting than tea, but hard to think of ideas when tired and bored. Hard to know what to do at work. Already missing home.

Went to Chez Afrique [restaurant] after Turkish dinner and got to hear some live music. Pretty cool. Tro-tros are very interesting experiences. Every ride is unique.


Went to Bass Awards. Lots of technical difficulties, but an interesting night. Shatta Wale! [Shatta Wale is kind of like the Kanye West of Ghana. He made a brief appearance at the awards, and received a lot of attention from the fans, but he was sort of kicked out of the Bass Award nominations because of some comments he made about other nominees.]

[Also, a quick anecdote: We weren’t supposed to be sitting so close to the stage, we were in the VIP section apparently. We got kicked out because we were there before the show started, and sort of snuck our way back in without knowing it was the VIP section. Also, when we were waiting to be let back in, Dana and I were interviewed on camera for some Nigerian environmental group about why we like reggae.]


Went to mall, then rested, relaxed for most of day. Jewelry guy came by. Hope I did okay picking stuff out. Also, Ghana is going to semi-finals [in football]! Woo!


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