Ghana Journal #4: Football

October 6, 2013 § Leave a comment


Relaxed most of morning before we went to Cape Coast slave castle, pretty similar to Elmina. Then we had a lunch and were entertained by dancers and music. There was a dispute about the bill between Mama Leslie and the owner of the restaurant [she plans the meals so perfectly, that if they try to overcharge us or change what was agreed upon before, things aren’t good], and then back home. Doesn’t seem like much, but it was a long day.


Today we went to the President’s Cup tournament finals! We got to see two games (one for 3rd place, Nigeria vs. Congo, and then two teams from Accra playing for 1st and 2nd, including fan favorites the Hearts of the Oak). I was cheering for Nigeria in the first game but they got their butts kicked 2-0.  The second game was more exciting because there were more people in the stands and the home favorite, Oaks, won! We also got to see the President give a speech. He did it without any bulletproof glass or anything. We were also sitting in the section next to his. Seemed like a cool guy. Nervous for my first day at my internship though.


Might be brief. It’s hot and I’m doing this by flashlight under a ¾ up mosquito net. [The worst time for the power to be out was night. Without the fans, it got very warm very quickly.]

First day of internship. Driver was lost dropping the six of us off. First was Michelle, then Dani, Maddie, Kelly, then me, and finally Juwan. I couldn’t tell how close together we all were because we kept driving in circles.

Got to my job and they knew who I was, so that’s good. Sent me to a back room, and then kicked me out of their back to reception because they had a meeting, and then back to the back room for the rest of the day. Got there around 11:30 and couldn’t figure out lunch because people would come and go, but no one told me anything.

Boss guy called me in around 2:30 and we talked. He asked if I was serious about my work, or if I was just here for vacation. I told him I was ready to work hard, and he said good. I got information about a TV commercial they’re doing for Teashop Tea (couldn’t find anything about the brand online, when I did have Internet). I worked on a few scripts about “refreshing” and tea. Hope they turned out all right. I’ll find out tomorrow.


Left too early this morning and got to work at 9, supposed to be in around 10ish. I’ll try tomorrow to be better on time. Boring day at internship and the ride home was very long, lots of traffic and I got a wee bit lost. [Usually my commute was around an hour and a half in the morning, maybe longer getting home. Had to take two tro-tros there and back.] Talked to Hannah when I got home. Need to buy more minutes.


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