Ghana Journal #3: A load of croc and castle

October 5, 2013 § Leave a comment


Everyone seemed to be better except I wasn’t feeling great (no vomiting though). Kelly accidentally have me Advil PM, so I tried to throw it up, to no avail. Had to fight to stay awake, except slept on bus ride (3 hours) and got carsick when I woke up. Made it to Cape Coast and it is very pretty (Hawaii-like).

Cape Coast Resort

Very pretty.

Napped until dinner, while every one else went to pool or beach side. Now, in hotel room with Juwan watching Ghanaian TV show, very weird. Still not feeling 100 percent, probably sleep well.

Here’s a snippet of the show, without context because I don’t know what the context was:

Ghanaian 1: You must wear condom.

Ghanaian 2: But with vibration, it can break.

G1: Then wear 2, you can catch sexually transmitted diseases, like gonorrhea, syphilis and anyone can have HIV/AIDS.

G2: I don’t want to die, I want to live forever.

G1: Then buy Original.

G2 scratches at privates as they walk away.


What a day! Breakfast was a buffet, but I only had a pancake and a croissant (a mistake on my part) and then we bussed to a rainforest and got to do a canopy walk. Wow. What an adventure. Seven bridges (one after another) over tons of treetops. After the second one, it started raining (in the rainforest of all places!). It was almost as bad as Oregon (or maybe slightly worse). We were soaked. Felt good though because it was humid and we were sweaty before.

Then we went to crocodile “reserve,” or restaurant with imported crocodiles in a big lake. Cool stuff. Some of us even got to touch the tails because there was a trainer feeding them. I was too scared because I saw one snap around at one point pretty quickly.

After that, we went to Elmina Castle, a former slave holding area. It was a very real experience. We got a guided tour. After researching the slave trade before we left, it brought it home to actually be here.

Then we came back to our hotel and relaxed. Conor and Kelly and I wanted to golf at the course nearby but they only had one set of clubs to rent. We hung out by the pool until dinner. I tried ground nut soup (aka peanut soup). It was pretty good, but I didn’t have much of an appetite. We played Mafia with Mama Leslie after dinner and had a bonfire.


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