Ghana Journal #2: The biscuit incident

October 4, 2013 § Leave a comment


Breakfast in house again, then to University for two lectures, then to University book store where I bought a cat book and everyone got shirts except for me. Then lunch where I tried fou-fou. Not horrible, except had goat meat on top. Tasted like dough. Might try again [Never did]. Then grocery store again, and then soccer game in our neighborhood where one team had pros and the other was locals. Then to dinner, Chinese. Then called Hannah, looked at photos from soccer game, and now time for shower and bed.


Today had breakfast served but no electricity, so biscuit things were delayed (and under-cooked) when we got back. Had language this morning (Twi). Learned a few things, but mostly review stuff [because I took language lessons before we left]. Then went to a park with out new friend Senna, who sort of reminds me of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

At park saw lots of cool trees, took some pics finally.

Then went to lunch and tried red-red. Not bad. It’s just beans and plantains, and it’s blue. Just kidding. Came back home after sampling palm wine (pretty good) and took a couple back. Sort of vinegary taste and smells weird (yeasty) but not bad.

Found lots of neighborhood kids waiting for us when we returned. Hung out with them for awhile, giving them stickers and trying to stop them from killing each other over the stickers. Then went on a walk with others down to the stores to explore. Also, apparently the kids eat the stickers. NO MORE.

Neighborhood kids enjoying stickers.

They went crazy for stickers.

After that, played Mafia with group, tons of fun. Carson and Julianne tried to re-cook the biscuits, and most everyone tried them. I didn’t, which turned out to be a smart move.


More breakfast today, now with donuts! We had a lecture about W.E.B DuBois before going to his Ghanaian home/museum. Cool stuff, interesting guy.

The Gravesite of W.E.B. DuBois

The Gravesite of W.E.B. DuBois

Then lunch and back to house. Went with Carson to get a USB modem. Works well, but not on my Chromebook. I’ll try to figure something out. That’s about it. Doesn’t seem like a big day, but I’m tired.


Everyone was sick (except Conor, Michelle, Stephanie, Leslie (sister), Juwan and me). Thought it was due to undercooked biscuit things. Healthy people went to village for mosquito nets (it was really crowded there), then craft market, and then back home, where some people had started to recover.


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