Ghana Journal #1: Getting there and arrival

October 3, 2013 § Leave a comment



1st flight: Not too exciting. Sat next to black Texan couple who like to take rap songs and “R&B” them, or so they did. I wouldn’t know an R&B song form a rap song.

2nd flight: Turbulence whole ride, couldn’t sleep. Seatmate next to me didn’t know meaning of personal space. Had a veggie burger at DFW before realizing dinner was served an hour into flight. Also, stomach began to feel weird, like cramping. No bueno.

3rd flight: Found Maddie at gate before flight, nice to know I was in right spot after travelling over half of G.B. (or so it felt). Plane ride: another unsuccessful time at sleeping. Didn’t do much else except for bathroom, which caused some problems (out of order, left side and right side, row with lady in my row). Fun times. Met up with Maddie after flight, got through customs easily, found Leslie, Doctor “Doc” Williams, and Carson, and drove to the house. Found everyone else returning from dinner/beer run. No Daryl or Juwan because of visa/missed flight respectively. Ended up going to bed around 1 a.m. And regretted trying “champagne” Dana bought. Took a nice cold shower before bed.


Started day with catered breakfast made in our house. Had eggs, toast, fruit. Mango is really good here. Then Doc came to give lecture on Ghana safety and customs and such. Then went on tour of Accra: multiple POIs (parliament, parks, sport stadium), lunch (harassed by hawkers wanting to put our names on bracelets to sell to us), then art museum, then University of Ghana briefly before grocery store run (but I had no cash on me, haven’t been to exchange yet). Now waiting to go to dinner. Power’s out (since our meeting this morning), so I decided to journal.


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