Apart no more!

July 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello Pickers!

Sorry for the delay in posts, it’s been a busy week. I finally got to move into my new apartment, though. Then I went to a wedding. And I have finals this week for the first part of summer classes this week. All in all, a busy week.

So, I will try and keep this updated when I can, but I’m not sure how regular I’ll be able to be.


Here’s my new apartment filled with all of my and my girlfriend’s stuff.

Also, a quick poem:

Four walls, one room, noisy neighbors

Lousy landlords

The carpet smells of cigarettes,

it gets into my clothes,

I don’t smoke.

The toilet is like a slot machine,

1 in 10 wins a flush.

No pets allowed, except for Fishy.

Fans that feel like they’re flyin’ away.

But lo! The lease is up.



Fortunately, that was about my old apartment. This new one is a lot better, so far.

Until next time!


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