#20 Do you copy?

May 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s probably about time that I talk about why I’m in Creative Strategist (the class for which I write these posts). That reason is I want to be a copywriter. (I’m already on my way with a writer position on AHA for 2012-13.) I want to be a copywriter because, simply put, I love writing and being witty, and copywriting seems like the time when these two things intersect nicely. But what does it take to be a copywriter exactly? Here are some good copywriting tips I found through some research:

1) Get your first sentence read.

Maybe it’s a little obvious but without getting your audience to read your first sentence you will never get them hooked. The lead sentence must be interesting and attention-grabbing.

2) Copy should follow the “skirt rule.”

This applies to anytime the question is asked, “How long should it be?” It needs to be long enough cover it and short enough to be interesting. Copy should always be to the point. People are busy and don’t give away their attention easily.

3) Copywriting should be conversational.

Your writing should speak with your audience, not down to them. It needs to read smoothly and sound like a conversation you would have with a friend. It shouldn’t be too technical. However, jargon should be avoided. You’re trying to sell an experience, not an encyclopedia.

4) Know your audience.

It may sound like another “duh” tip, but how do you get to know your audience? Read magazines they read, watch TV shows they watch. Consume the media they consume and get to know how they feel about certain things.

5) Choose your words carefully.

Every word should add to your argument and should make sense to your reader. Don’t write uninteresting things that don’t make sense. Write efficiently because readers can move on from your copy at any time they want.

(Sources: copywriterscrucible.com, askacopywriter)


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