#19 Polictical Ad-gendas

May 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Political ads are a big thing this year, being an election year and all. Although they’re called “ads,” they’re much more of a public relations spot. The only thing being advertised is the candidate, but almost everything said is being spun around to make the candidate look better or make the other guy look worse. Whenever I see a political ad come on, I usually will change the channel or put the TV on mute. However, the good thing about watching a muted political ad is that you don’t have to hear it (everything said is biased, and there’s no point in only hearing one slanted side of the story) but you also get to see the great visuals that go on in political ads, always trying to make the candidate look more American or something (having an American eagle is always good).

My big beef with political ads is that audiences today have a great BS meter and know when something doesn’t smell right. And they can do a quick truth check using Politifact. I think audiences also don’t like ads that attack opponents, because why do it? What audiences do like, or should like I think, is to see candidates in action doing something. Not a scripted 30 second spot, but action that affects voters. It’s easy to have an ad that says you did a lot of things (with tiny text at the bottom with source information) but another thing to go out and do it. You can remind people about what you did in the past, but they care more about what you are doing currently, why they would vote for you based on what you’re doing presently. This is how to build a politician’s brand with voters.

With all that said, I look forward to this year’s political media circus. May the best candidate, and best campaign, win.


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