#10 Of burgers and babes

April 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m sure everyone remembers this commercial. Paris Hilton washing a car and eating a huge Carl’s Jr. (Hardee’s) burger. She’s wet, skinny and sexy, and she’s selling burgers by the car-full.
We all know sex sells, and this commercial wasn’t too ashamed to hide it. In fact, many of Carl’s Jr.’s commercials are about a skinny, sexy babe and a burger, from Audrina Patridge (of MTV’s “The Hills” fame, or so I’m told), cookbook author Padma Lakshmi, model and actress Kate Upton, and Miss Turkey among others. These women are scantily clad and eating burgers that are bigger than their hips. I don’t think burgers are part of their regular diets, but they sure seem to love them for thirty seconds. And I’m willing to bet many men love them loving those burgers.
It’s amazing that Carl’s Jr. thinks it has to sink this low to sell burgers. These commercials are making women into sexual objects. Men may be drooling over the “burgers,” but they’re really just associating those burgers with sexual thoughts.
I’ve got a better campaign strategy for Carl’s: Why not pick up Burger King’s retired creepy King mascot? I think he could use the work. Just slap a star on top of his mask and voila! You’ve got a non-sexist commercial!
I guess Carl’s Jr. has found a niche with these models eating their burgers, but all I’m asking is that they try a different approach that is less focused on the sex aspect of women and more focused on their burgers, which I remember being pretty tasty.


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