#4 You are what you eat

April 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

What makes a man? According to Burger King’s commercial from 2006, it’s a big piece of meat.

I don’t take offense to commercials like this one, but as a vegetarian and a man it’s sort of disrespectful to say that you have to eat meat to be a man, or that if you’re a man you must eat meat. I understand I’m not their target audience, but it still perturbs me a little. Tofu is a good–although I admit not perfect–replacement.

But it’s not only Burger King that does this. Jack in the Box also has a commercial that takes the man-meat relationship as far as having a man marry bacon.

The popular youtube group Epic Meal Time also has a thing for bacon:

Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips. (Photo from epicmealtime.com)

But why does this idea of “manly” food exist? Sure, meat has a lot of protein, which helps young boys (and girls) grow big and strong, but so do nuts and tofu (the protein cornerstone for any vegetarian/vegan).

I guess bland tofu just doesn’t exert the same “ferociousness” as a bloody slab of meat (except for maybe Monsieur Tofu vs. Mr. Bacon, below).

(Photo by Andrew Hill)

There aren’t any advertisements for tofu that I’ve seen, but if they exist I’ll bet that it wouldn’t be only women in them and it also wouldn’t be about eating tofu to be a man. For now, I’ll stick to my block of tofu and those manly men can have their heart disease.


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